RaceWeather.net for all your racing weather and news needs from start to finish.

In September 2003, RaceWeather.net was launched in response to Hurricane Isabel moving towards Dover Speedway during a NASCAR weekend. Since then, the site has evolved and changed. After almost seven years, it was time to take the next step. Partnered with BriscoWeb, we present the new RaceWeather.net

You will still get the latest forecast for the NASCAR track every week. Staff Meteorologist Aaron Studwell will continue to update the site with any change to the weather conditions during the weekend. These forecasts and updates are relied upon by the media, race teams and fans alike.

Check out what’s new on RaceWeather.net. You can now find out what’s happening in NASCAR. Visit our Press Room to get the latest news from the Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series.

Play the “Pick of the Week” game. Predict the winners each week in all three NASCAR series. Play now, it’s free!

Join our Yahoo! NASCAR Fantasy League. Choose your drivers, develop your race team. Cheer them on the victory!

RaceWeather.net is now more than just the weather.

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Pick of the Week(Standings)

Sprint Cup Series - 2013

Aaron Studwell1 3466
cypresstxqt2 3378
Goodolboys3 3361
goalie3454 3331
nanta5 3328
nascar_fan6 3326
Racegal7 3236
scorpion19698 3171
jeffgor249 2192
mrtrash10 111
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