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Hi, my name is Aaron Studwell and I’m a meteorologist.  I am also a race fan.  The 2003 Winston Cup season, especially during the first few months, weather was a critical factor in deciding pit strategies and occasionally, the outcome of races.  Hurricane Isabel impacted the Dover race weekend and was also the launch weekend of

A little information about me – I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M University.  I have worked in a variety of fields ranging from a Mechanical Engineer at the General Motors Proving Grounds for Delco Chassis (now Delphi) designing and testing base and antilock brakes to working as the Director of Research for two commodity-trading companies.  A major part of the Director of Research position was providing weather forecasts for the traders in a fast paced, high-pressure environment.

I have changed job…yes, again.  This time, I am a Senior Meteorologist at Wilkens Weather Technologies in Houston, Texas.  My responsibilities include tropical forecasting, sales and business development.’s NASCAR Fantasy League