Fri. Sept. 4,
11:00 AM
Sprint Cup Series practice Mostly sunny, 85°F
Fri. Sept. 4,
1:00 PM
Nationwide Series practice Mostly sunny, 88°F
Fri. Sept. 4,
3:00 PM
Nationwide Series final practice Mostly sunny, 90°F
Fri. Sept. 4,
4:30 PM
Sprint Cup Series final practice Mostly sunny, 91°F
Sat. Sept. 5,
11:45 AM
Nationwide Series qualifying Variably cloudy, 80°F,
Isolated showers & t-storms
Sat. Sept. 5,
1:45 PM
Sprint Cup Series qualifying Variably cloudy, 85°F,
Isolated showers & t-storms
Sat. Sept. 5,
3:30 PM
VFW Sports Clips Help a Hero 200 (NXS) Variably cloudy, 81°F,
Scattered showers & t-storms
Sun. Sept. 6,
7:20 PM
Bojangles’ Southern 500 (NSCS) Cloudy, 78°F,
Scattered showers & t-storms
Local radar (Darlington, SC) Local observations (Darlington, SC)
Visible satellite – South Carolina Infrared satellite – Southeast U.S.
All schedule times are EDT.
Updated: Wed. Sept. 2, 5:00 PM EDT

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TS Erika remains an unimpressive storm as it moves into the southern chart of Hispaniola. Max winds are 50 mph as it moves west at 21 mph. It is forecast to move across Haiti, then along the northern coast of Cuba.

If the storm holds together, it is expected move into extreme eastern Gulf with landfall along the west Florida coast.

Road America

Given time constraints this week, this will be a more abbreviated forecast.  Unfortunately, there’s a pretty strong chance for rain during the Friday afternoon practice sessions.  The chance for rain continue into Saturday morning.  However, the Saturday afternoon forecast is for some clearing and rain moving out of the region.

So practice with wet tires and wipers and race with the normal tires?  Your play, NASCAR.

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Sprint Cup Series - 2013

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Goodolboys3 3361
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nanta5 3328
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Racegal7 3236
scorpion19698 3171
jeffgor249 2192
mrtrash10 111’s NASCAR Fantasy League